MHISC Spring Meeting

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This year MHISC will hosts it's Spring Meeting at a new location! The meeting moved to Columbia's Main Street, Columbia's new hot spot. The meeting will be held April 26-27 at The Marriott.

Highlights will include:

PAC Golf Tournament at a new location, Golden Hills Country Club

MHISC Committees will meet

Dinner and Reception

Hall of Fame induction

Casino Night

Expert Speakers and more.

Tentative Schedule


10AM            PAC Golf Tournament      

3:30PM         Membership Committee             

3:30PM         Dealer Roundtable                        

3:30PM         Community Managers                 

4:30PM         Modular Steering                          

4:30PM         Image & Professionalism            

6:30PM         Reception                                        

7PM              Awards Gala           

9PM              Casino Night                                   


8:30AM         Breakfast Buffet

9:00AM         General Membership Meeting