MHISC Chapters                 Meetings   Convention

MHISC's local Chapters are an integral part of the association and each Chapter is routinely involved in community service projects, career development, industry awareness and other services.

Chapter meetings are a great place to find out the latest news and information affecting the association and the industry. They meet quarterly, and are open to all MHISC members.

Each Chapter meeting features top-level state and local officials, as well as industry leaders who keep members up-to-date on developments important to their businesses.

Contact an MHISC Chapter Officer for details on how to get active in your local Chapter.








Upcoming Chapter Meetings


Allison Babb President                             

Marlene Hansen                    Vice President

Linda Stec                  Secretary / Treasurer

Joanne Polston               Director of Activities

Vicki Butler                            Director of Promotions

Michael Croft                         Director of Promotions


Bill King                                 President

Billy Woodard                         Vice President                       

Kenny Hyatt Secretary/Treasurer


Mitch Howard            President                       

Jim McCracken                    Vice President

Art Newton                      Treasurer


Johnny Hanna               President

Andy Barnes                          Vice President  

Ronnie Boyce                Secretary / Treasurer


Brian McKinney       President                         

Richey Massey                           Vice President

Wendy McKinney                        Secretary

Doug Marchbanks                        Treasurer