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13 Apr 2012 4:10 PM | Anonymous

MHISC Board Members Personally Kick in $10,000 for Industry Political Donations

MHISC’s leadership often preaches the importance of maintaining a strong Political Action Committee. That’s the association’s political war chest which MHISC uses to support the candidates who support the manufactured home industry.

Members are urged to sponsor and play in association golf tournaments and make contributions along with their annual dues

Put Your Money Where……

The MHISC Board put its money where its mouth is by contributing or raising $10,000 for political contributions, according to Political Action Committee Chair Trey Ledbetter.

“For a 20-person board, that’s a lot of money,” Ledbetter said. Some board members secured large contributions from their own companies; others raised money from friends in the industry; others took the money out of their own pocket.”


Many board members took the money

out of their own pocket


The industry will face tough issues at the SC Statehouse this year, Ledbetter said, issues that could dramatically impact sales.

“We have to be politically strong and have a high profile at the Statehouse this year,” Ledbetter said. “We’re going to be asking members to give generously. We want members to know that the leadership takes these issues seriously and we’ve been wiling to do our part financially."

MHISC is the voice of the manufactured and modular home industries in South Carolina.

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