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Manufactured Homes Meeting the Need of South Carolina Flood Victims

In recent decades manufactured and modular homes have grown in popularity in the United States and several other countries.  One out of five South Carolina families live in a manufactured home. Manufactured homes have always been a popular form of housing in South Carolina.  

The traits that make factory-built homes so sought-after are especially relevant to SC families who have been impacted by the dramatic flooding in our state:

Safety A manufactured home performs as well or better than other homes during a storm. Read the facts.

Availability  A new study by the Manufactured Housing Institute of SC shows there are 1050 new factory-built homes currently available at South Carolina retail centers.    The study showed that there are 605 new multiple-section homes.   There are also 242 single-section homes and 192 modular homes at retail centers.

Modular homes are built to the same building code as site-built houses. Manufactured homes are built to a rigid national building code.

Speed  A manufactured home can be assembled on site and ready to move in as little as one to two weeks after closing

Convenience   There are 66 display centers selling new manufactured and modular homes conveniently located in all sections of the state.   Click here for locations and contact information.  (See pictures below) Each retail center has a ready network of licensed installers, HVAC and other professionals that they know and work with.  The retail dealership can quickly assemble a team to transport and assemble your home. 

Affordability  Manufactured homes are built to a stringent national building code, using the same materials as other homes, yet they cost substantially less per square foot.  

The difference is the efficiency of factory building:  rain-or-shine production; the ability to buy materials in large quantities; having workers trained in a specific aspect of production who get to work immediately as the previous stage of building is completed. 

In 2012, the average price per square foot of a new manufactured home was $41.97, less than half the $86.30 per square foot cost of a new site-built single-family structure, excluding land.    

Appearance   While manufactured homes are affordable and convenient to buy and move into, owners will find that they enjoy the same comfort and amenities found in any home.

Today’s manufactured homes have a modern, residential look on the outside  (See photos.) But the interiors are amazing.   Whether you are buying a manufactured home as your permanent new home or buying a less expensive home to live in while making repairs on your original house, you’ll enjoy features such as roomy bedrooms, bright modern kitchens - and name brand appliances, plus crown molding, a cozy fireplace, garden tub, and walk-in closets in many homes. 

Communities  Most manufactured homes go on privately-owned land. There are also manufactured home communities all over the state. Some offer spaces for homes, others provide homes ready to move in. These communities who are members of the MHISC professional association range from basic, very-cost-effective locations to subdivision-style properties with pools, a clubhouse and playgrounds. 

MH Communities

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Consumer Information

 355,000 South Carolina families can't be wrong!

Homebuyers get a $1000 Tax Break when they buy an Energy-Efficient Manufactured Home!

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Photographs of Manufactured Homes

Facts about Manufactured Homes

The American housing industry's greatest innovation is the introduction of rain-or-shine factory production. Apply a rigid new building code to factory-built homes and you've created the modern-day manufactured home.

Where else can you get a 2,200 square foot home with crown molding, wall-to-wall carpet, a garden tub, walk-in closets and name brand appliances in the $80,000's to $90,000's?

Plus...You're also protected by manufacturer warranties.

With today's state-of-the-art factory-built construction, you're assured of high-quality materials that are never exposed to the weather so you don't have to worry about warping or construction delays. The stringent national building code is what distinguishes today's manufactured home from its ancestor, the mobile home of the sixties and seventies.

  • Consumers can order energy-efficient homes which qualify for special tax and power company incentives.
  • The latest National Fire Protection Association study shows that today's manufactured homes have the same safety record as other homes.
  • Today's wind safety standards have been greatly updated. Plus wind-resistant "super homes" are available statewide and are now mandatory in nine coastal SC counties.

More Manufactured Housing Facts in South Carolina

  • 355,000 SC families live in manufactured homes
  • Today's manufactured homes appreciate in value (according to study conducted by East Carolina University)
  • Today's manufactured homes DO NOT have any impact on adjacent property values (study conducted by University of Michigan)
  • In South Carolina, anyone who sells, installs or repairs manufactured homes must be licensed, trained and bonded by the state.

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