24 Mar 2012 10:23 PM | Anonymous

New Revenue Stream for MHISC

Lava lamps, quicksand and Jefferson Davis

Like everybody else in the housing business the association has been looking for a few additional revenue streams. After the hotdog stand in front of the MHISC office was closed by the health dept we decided to rent space to a local lawyer.

There were some hassles involving the attorney's original demand that we build a 30-foot handicapped ramp in the front yard but the biggest hassle has been clearing out 15 years worth of stuff to make room for our new tenants. Stuff in closets, desks, file cabinets.

Among the things we found:

> A lava lamp

> Pregnancy test

> Slide Projector (remember those?)

> Box of leis,  those things Hawaiians put around your neck when you get off the plane

You know those big commercial dumpsters they put on construction sites? We filled the entire 18,000 cubic feet.  One advantage, the building is a lot lighter which is more important than you’d think.  The Daughters of the Confederacy once planned to build a large confederate monument on a few yards down Laurel Street from our building.  They couldn’t because there’s quicksand below the surface in our part of Columbia; the monument would have sunk.   

It's an image I keep trying to put out of my mind;  Like the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes; with only the noble head of Jefferson Davis rising above the ground. 

MHISC is the voice of the manufactured and modular home industries in South Carolina.

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