David Bennett Will Be Inducted into the MH Hall of Fame April 22

06 Apr 2015 10:42 AM | Anonymous

David Bennett will be inducted into the SC Manufactured Housing Hall of Fame April 22 in Columbia and you are invited.

David is the first person inducted into the Hall of Fame who never worked in the industry.

The celebration will part of the Manufactured Housing Institute's Spring Meeting April 22 in Columbia. 

Details here.  

David was named Administrator for the Manufactured Housing Board in 2002. He helped regulate our industry during its growth period and the challenging years that followed.

David won the respect of the industry from his earliest days as an inspector.

He saw his role as one of helping the companies comply with the law.  He understood the requirements and applied them in a fair, logical way. He was helpful; and treated people with courtesy.   But when he detected a serious violation, David stayed on the case until the problem was fixed.      

We really came to appreciate David’s full range of abilities when he took over management of the Board.

He worked with energy and initiative in that important position.       David was not a government employee who said things like,  “I can’t take any action unless somebody higher up tells me to.”

Instead, Mr. Bennett was pro-active.  

He helped good companies find ways to navigate the state’s sometimes illogical licensing laws.  When a person with a bad record tried to get a license he went the extra mile to be sure that the licensing board members had the full information they needed to rule on that application.

When he felt that new rules were needed, he never tried to hide what he was doing or slip something by the industry.  David touched based with MHISC staff before each board meeting.      He let them know about any policy questions on the agenda.      He got valuable input from the industry on the pros and cons of the issues. 

David was not just smart, but wise.   He knew that simply trying to impose his own ideas was not the way to get things done.    It did not bother him or wound his ego to recognize that it was necessary to build a consensus to get things done.

Working together, David and the association got policies and regulations approved that:                                                                                                   

  • improved the image of the industry, 
  • leveled the playing field among competitors, 
  • increased consumer protection and 
  • kept bad apples out of the industry

David was a believer in the product.  After working with the agency a few years, he purchased his own manufactured home and placed it on deeded property in Garden City.                                                                    

David served as administrator of the South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board. He started with the agency in 1988. 

In 1997 he was promoted to Chief of Inspections.

David’s background made him a great fit for working with the men and women of the manufactured home industry here in our state. 

He was a South Carolina native. 

David was born in 1945 and grew up in Newberry with three brothers and sisters.  David wasn’t the biggest kid on the playground but he got along great with everybody. 

Friendly and popular, he was elected Vice President of his class in high school.

Mr. Bennett graduated from USC and remained a loyal Gamecock all his life.   He served his country as a First Lieutenant during the Vietnam War.

Mr. Bennett often went the extra mile. 

He went out to the members and spoke at our chapter and statewide meetings to be sure everyone was aware of and understood the rules.

David became sick and had to retire in 2007.  The association organized two special events to honor David and show our appreciation.  We were honored to have David’s wife Dee and their children at these events.

Although he passed away later that year, David Bennett’s work is still having a strong positive impact in the manufactured housing industry today.


We all still miss him and as fair-minded, skilled regulator--and most of all--as a friend.

MHISC is the voice of the manufactured and modular home industries in South Carolina.

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