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25 Apr 2013 11:44 AM | Anonymous

Association Humor Can Be Tricky

It's a little geeky but I enjoy taking photos at MHISC's meetings and putting them on the website.  The most entertaining job was the Fun Captions page where we wrote wiseacre things about certain members.

Humor for places like churches and associations is a little tricky.  You've got to get the right tone.   You don't want to offend anyone. On the other hand, humor isn't very humorous unless there's a little edge to it.

Originally we did 14 photos and captions; now there are 10.  One was pulled because it wasn't funny.  A second had a reference to me and it's always a little sad when people try to make themselves look cool in their own publication and productions. (Like Hugh Hefner.) The third photo and caption taken down was a quip about a member who has a surprisingly attractive wife.  (Guess.)  The fourth reject was actually pretty funny, I thought, but a tiny bit risque.   Just barely and mildly too risque for our website.  Maybe I'll sell it to Yahoo.  

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